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Skills Development and professional recognition play an important role in promoting decent work for domestic workers, training and certification based on national competency standards can help raise the status of domestic workers as a recognized profession. This in turn would improve domestic workers employability and prospectus for better employment conditions.

Once a domestic worker joins DPAK s/he is required to acquire/upgrade their skills so as to be better at their work as well as be recognized as professionals. These skills include- life skills, childcare, First Aid, cooking, housekeeping, laundry.

To sensitize our members on the importance of these courses we host seminars/workshops that focus on fundamentals of the courses, providing information on institutions that offer the course, the course duration and the cost.

We run short courses in collaboration with East African Institute of Homecare Management, that targets domestic workers who are working. These courses help them perform their tasks better, be effective and efficient in their work.