Why should you join DPAK?

SIMPLE: To support the domestic service sector in Kenya.

Why might you join?

We provide accurate and prompt information concerning issues you need to be aware of hence being able to make better decisions that may affect your career.
We ensure professional interests are brought effectively to key stakeholders. We highlight challenges you may face in your job and advocate for better policies that take care of domestic professionals’ wellbeing.
Expansion of opportunities
We have built alliances with other organizations that speak for domestic workers and this can lead to more opportunities for you and your colleagues by building credibility and recognition.
Professional development
We provide opportunities to learn from experts and voices form relevant specialities at our association events.
Enhance your network and broaden your career
Creating professional relationships is important, and most domestic professionals lack a traditional workplace to meet their peers. Joining a group allows you opportunities to connect with others in your industry, to develop a sense of security and trust. From this, you are able to support and help one another in reaching your professional goals.