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Help and guidance: Personal Financial Advice Service

Know your Sacco Online session

Have you joined DPAK Sacco ? What are you waiting for? Are you not sure? How about a 'Know your Sacco' information session on 15th July at 9p.m sounds good, Right? Right. Save the date and time and let's meet here and discuss why you should join now and not later. For more info talk to us via 0711664999

Help and guidance: Personal Financial Advice Service

Career Wednesday

Are you wondering how to make yourself more employable in this changing times in the domestic service sector? The secret is in skills acquisition. Training and certification based on national competency standards can help raise your status as a domestic workers and lead to you being recognized as a professional. How do I acquire this skills you may ask? Ask no more!! We are rolling out short courses in collaboration with East African Institute of Homecare Management where you can work as you train on a part-time basis at very affordable rates.